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Nov 410 More Amazing Origami Dragons
Oct 28Montague’s Mount Game Review
Oct 15Copyright Versus Fan Art
Oct 13Star Wars: Empire Uncut Released & they included my scene!
Sep 18The Witcher Game Review
Sep 11Tomb Raider 2013 Game Review
Jul 28Dear Ester Game Review
Jul 24The Ball Game Review
Jul 16Dice Shaming: The Geeky trend that’s catching on.
Jul 14Risen Game Review
Jul 9Zeno Clash Video Game Review
Jul 4Talk Nerdy to Me
Jun 24Alice: Madness Returns Game Review
Jun 17Logan’s Run Movie Review
May 29My Logan’s Run Birthday Party
Mar 9Coping with Anxiety – 10 Methods that work for me
Feb 28Character Design: Lan
Feb 24Character Design: Willi Creutsfeld
Feb 22Character Designs: Dalion & Minerva
Feb 21Character Design: Jira of the Singing Axe
Feb 16OMG Guys! I got a Cintiq! (15X)
Feb 15Web Design: The case of the online casino.
Feb 14Valentines Day Sex Drive 2014