Epic Fail is a comedic fantasy webcomic based on Dungeons and Dragons. It is a long-form, character-driven comic about the epic adventures – and failures – of an adventuring party. Art and story by the ever prolific and talented Amy Letts.

Epic Fail’s heroes are known as ‘The Shieldless’ and comprise of Amuletts, Martin, Clodin, Dirk and Tinuvielle.  The comics central character is Amuletts: An untrustworthy Rogue and Loki fanatic dedicated to causing chaos, who just happens to have a crush on Dirk, the Paladin: paragon of Law and Virtue.

Recently the party adopted a half-demon child whom they are attempting to keep on the straight and narrow (at least some of them are!)


The Birth of an Epic… Fail

Cast of Characters


What does Epic Fail mean?

An Introduction to Dungeons & Dragons